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"I'm here to help you give voice to your instincts as a parent.

This optimizes your bond with your baby and helps to create the life you want for you and your family."

A 90 minute In-home Consultation provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and share your concerns about this new parenting experience. Diminish anxieties and gain confidence in your instincts as a parent.

In-home Parenting Sessions are scheduled at regular intervals, e.g. one time per week, twice a month or any number of variations, depending on your particular scheduling and education needs.

90 Minute In-Home Consultation

Scheduled before or after your baby arrives

Sharing about:

  • Your pregnancy experience 


  • Your couple/family experience 


Consultation about:

  • Concerns and questions that you are currently having about parenting


  • Questions about caring for your baby, your baby's growth and development


  • Strategies to adapt to changes that baby brings, enhance their development and promote personal and family well-being.


In-Home Sessions

Available in 5 or 9 week blocks


  • One 90 minute in-home consultation


  • Either four or eight 75 minute in-home visits, with:

  • Education on general early infant development 

  • Observations and discussions about the specific development of your baby (including babies with special needs, and twins/triplets development)


  • Melanie develops with you a parenting plan, based on these observations and discussions  that optimizes the ease with which you and your baby interact and bond.

Melanie Knuts' ongoing series of "Monday Morning Whispers"

Essential listening to parents looking for support and encouragement

Monday Morning Whispers Part 1 - Melanie Knuts
Monday Morning Whispers Part 2 - Melanie Knuts
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